Personal Insolvency

This is invariably a creditor-driven process, which follows a bankruptcy order made by the court, usually on the petition of a creditor. It is a creditor's action of last resort in attempting to collect an outstanding debt.

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Corporate Insolvency

Parts of a company's business may be unprofitable but insolvency may be avoided. We can provide a comprehensive business review, which will highlight such issues and make detailed recommendations for the way forward.

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Creditors Debt Owed? Victim of Fraud?

The forensics of insolvency can lead to creditors obtaining unexpected but nevertheless welcome recoveries. There is no need to give up because you are the victim of an insolvency or a fraud as it should not and does not have to be the end of the road.

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Forensics Fraud Litigation

At OC Insolvency we have a dedicated team of insolvency investigators trained to identify, discover and recover the assets.

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About OC Insolvency

The firm's insolvency practice is headed by Elliot Green and provides advice on all aspects of insolvency (corporate and personal), as well as, where possible, financial survival. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly identify the problems that need to be addressed and give clear, concise, and pragmatic advice.

Our Philosophy

We believe that insolvency is a process that does not arise by accident. Wherever possible we will look to attempt to rescue matters and if at all possible avoid formal insolvency. There will of course be circumstances due to exterrnal factors beyond the control of the individuals or companies concerned, such as changes in legislation and regulation that can adversely affect finances thus causing an insolvency. However, notwithstanding that position there are many instances in which creditors can rightly feel aggrieved when suffering at the hands of rogue directors who may have defrauded them. We do not believe that liquidation or insolvency should be the end of the recovery process but a new beginning brought about by an independent investigation into the financial affairs and dealings that led to a company's or individual's demise.

Our Approach

Forensics, Litigation and Insolvency. Leave no stone unturned. Idenfity, Discovery and Recover.

We believe that creditors may often feel let down by their experiences when an insolvency arises and feel strongly that this does not need to happen. It is the obligation of a Liquidator (or Administrator) to investigate: “…to do everything within his power to realise assets for the creditors, for instance by taking misfeasance proceedings, wrongful/fraudulent trading proceedings and investigating transactions which can be attacked as preferences, transactions at an undervalue and floating charges which may be avoided.” Bailey and Groves “Corporate Insolvency” (Third Edition)

We have extensive exertise in the arena of contentious insolvency, where fraud may have arisen and detailed investigations required often leading to contested litigation to recover traced assets and property for the benefit of creditors.

Meet the Team

Elliot Green FCA FABRP

With an interest in the field of insolvency that was already well-developed when he qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1999, Elliot has concentrated almost exclusively on under-performing business ever since and is now also a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner. Elliot enjoys an outstanding reputation for his facility with the forensic aspects of insolvency work, although his commitment to the "Rescue Culture" ensures that his goal remains to ensure the survival of the business wherever possible.

Derick Smith FCA MABRP

Derrick qualified in 1972. He then completed two years post qualifying experience with Arthur Young (now Ernst & Young) in London. He joined Oury Clark in 1974 and was made a partner in 1977. In addition to his responsibilities as a general practice partner (where he has a wealth of knowledge) Derrick acts as an expert witness, is a licensed Insolvency Practitioner and oversees the Financial Services Department.

Charles Pugh LLB

Charles specialises in international commercial litigation and arbitration. His extensive experience covers the breadth of general commercial matters but with particular emphasis on pan-European ligation, insolvency, cross-border asset tracing and professional negligence.

Charles has been ranked in Chambers as a leading practitioner in complex litigation and he regularly contributes editorial content for leading insolvency publications and is a member of the Insolvency lawyers Association.

Georgia Fisher BSc

Georgia graduated from UWE in 2011 with a BSc in Equine Science. Following this, she joined the Firm in 2011 and went on to pass the Insolvency Practitioners Association, CPI exam in 2013, as well as qualifying as an Insolvency Practitioner in 2016. Georgia has a broad knowledge working on both corporate and personal insolvency cases, alongside managing the Insolvency Team.

Latest from the Blog

    Reported Cases

    • Green v Marston [2016] EWHC B11 (Ch)

      - De Factor Directorship / Misfeasance

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    • Preston v Green [2016] EWHC 2522 (Ch)

      - Rescission of Winding Up Order

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    • Green v Eltai [2015] BPIR 24

      - Beneficial interest in a property – Resulting trust – Preference – Breach of duty

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    • Green v Chubb and Jervis [2015] EWHC 221 (Ch)

      - Liquidator's Section 234 / 236 application

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    • Green v Austin [2014] BPIR 1176

      - Divorce settlement in bankruptcy set aside

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    • Green v Ireland [2011] EWHC 1305 (Ch) (20 May 2011)

      - Liquidator Preference claim

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    • Green v Bramston & Ors [2010] EWHC 3106 (Ch) (02 December 2010)

      - Berkeley Applegate case

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    • Green v Walkling and others [2007] All ER (D) 299 (Dec)

      - Section 727 relief case

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    • Green v BDO [2005] EWHC 2413 (Ch)

      - S236 application

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    • Green and Wexham Drinks Ltd (in liquidation) v Corkery [2005] All ER (D) 478 (Jul)

      - Liquidators' application, the respondents had appropriated book debts of the company

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